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Meet the Team

Kelsey Crankshaw, Owner and Founder

"One day I woke up and realized that I wasn't doing what I wanted to. I loved making my daughter clothes and soon my hobby turned into a job. I started my company in August of 2014 as Your Unique Baby Boutique, hand sewing all custom order little diva's clothing. Growing up in foster care I wasn't able to wear the latest trends and have the cutest clothes because they were so expensive and out of reach so in January 2015 I decided to convert my business from a children's to a young contemporary line. I want my boutique to stand out and be a symbol of uniqueness and creativity. To name my boutique after my daughter went without question she is the light of my life and the most inspiring individual I have ever met even at such a young age. I want my boutique to be fashion affordable so that no matter what your budget you can look fashion forward. I do everything for the business myself. I have spent countless nights up for hours and even more nights where I don't sleep at all to build the perfect the website, map out photo shoots and do order intakes and inventory. During the days I still work as a hairstylist, I hope one day I can focus solely on Ellee. Above all though, I am a mom. Running the business and being a mom to a pre-tot is very challenging, but she just pushes me to do more and work harder. I hope that with this business I can give her everything I never had and more."


Shelby Lang, (Shelby Lang Photography), Photographer

Shelby Lang is an amateur photographer who is slowly building up her portfolio and business while attending college.  She specializes in Wedding and Family photography and strives to incorporate nature and natural light in all her photos. When she’s not working and attending school, she’s scoping out potential photo locations with her dog, Betsy. Shelby is always accepting new clients and is willing to work with your budget.

If you’re interested in booking a photo session with Shelby you can send an e-mail to:


Kate Crankshaw, Graphic Designer, Brand Representative, Model

Kate is Kelsey's younger sister. Graduating as a Glassblowing Major in 2019 from The University of The Arts in Philadelphia, Kate is a hardworking artist looking to further her passion through her love of multiple mediums. Kate has beautifully crafted Ellee's packaging, logos and all other brand related material. Kate is the trendiest person we at Ellee know, and influences the boutique's style in a major way.

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