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       Hello, I'm Kelsey and I live off of wine. At Ellee the work begins when all of the house chores are done and the baby is sleeping. I pull all nighters to bring you the latest and greatest trends. I run the business along with my toddler, Kaylee. No one can stand in her way when delivering your package to the postman! Ellee is a small family owned online-only boutique. It started as a dream and now it's our happiness. 

      Our customers know to act fast when they see a piece they love because we don't carry more than 60 of one item. We give everyone the chance to have that piece that truly stands out! We ship all over the USA. FOR FREE! When you don't have to worry about shipping you can grab yourself that extra piece without the feeling that you're spending too much! 

       Fashion is about taking new leaps and being ahead of the trend.... So why isn't buying it the same way? We want our clothes to stand out so we're noticed. You can't always communicate with others to show them your personality when you first walk into a room, so sometimes you have to let your clothes speak for you. We want our fashion to speak for you and get you noticed, without the not so fashionable price tags. That one short white dress that flows on the bottom ever so perfectly when you twirl could get your future husbands attention, and we not only want him to stare we want it to be a memory forever locked in his head. So we're giving fashion a new approach, a better, cheaper approach. You can still get the high quality pieces at a not so high price.

        Online retail therapy also lacked a certain personal touch, until now. Every order will arrive to you feeling like a present, every order is as special to us as it is going to make you feel.  Other online boutique sites are typically gussied up and sugar coated. You never know what you're really getting every model is a size zero and beautiful beyond words. Our models are real people, average sized people, they don't glow because they were born "perfect" but rather because they are being themselves, they radiate the confidence and uniqueness that Ellee's clothes give to them.

        Ellee is a boutique that doesn't follow a crowd. Be loud, be that ONE out of the crowd, because we sure are. Being an online only based boutique allows our customers to take advantage of great prices, because we pay less. It's cooler to stand out rather than blend in, and you don't want to let the price of your clothes hold you back from getting a little dirty. If you get a little dirt on your dress, you just keep going, because it's cooler to forget about it. After all, we want our clothes to speak for us, we don't want them to make us!



   Kelsey & Kaylee


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