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Re-Launch of Ellee

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Hello guys,

      My name is Kelsey, owner of Ellee, I thought that I would take a little time to start this blog and give you guys a more in depth look at what has been going on lately, and Ellee as well. I'm a mommy and full time employee.

      It is so hard being a mama in general but then you add owning a small business on top of it and you just have chaos. I will never try to act bigger than I am. I started this company in a small room out of my house and ship every order from my house as well. Every box, every poly mailer is a piece of my heart, packaged by me and meaning more than you may know. This company was a dream of mine, and I really hope you all will love it as much as I do. I hand pick every piece and own almost EVERYTHING that I sell, I have to set limits for myself sometimes lol. 

      As some of you may know, I have been under contract with a house that I have completely fallen in love with. The house was a foreclosure but in beautiful condition with a nice space for all of my Ellee stuff and tons of play room for Kaylee. The best part however,  is that I would be able to walk Kaylee to school when she begins it. You also may know that I still work as a hairstylist during the day. I was told to lay low with Ellee until the closure of the house as my mortgage company views Ellee as a  "change in career" and a "risk" because the company is less than 3 years established. Closing was set for January 15th, my daughters birthday, and every month after there was another reason closing had to be pushed back., FORECLOSURES ARE THE WORST! However like everything else in my life I have found that the best things in life are totally worth waiting for. So I laid low with Ellee for a few months. 

      Sales were going great and my dream was a reality but at the end of the day I had to put the company on hold for the completion of the house to do what was best for Kaylee and I. I can't thank all of my amazing customers enough, emailing me near daily to see when new stuff will be launching, you all really have no idea how much you mean to me. All of my repetitive customers will be receiving a HUGE discount code when I officially re-launch Ellee so that you can scoop up all of the things I know you will die to have, and for a hope that you'll trust Ellee to bring you everything trendy once again!!! 

      Now that we're back I wanna tell you what you can expect of Ellee this time around. New arrivals all the time, some collections weekly and some daily! New improved email system, you'll get coupons and discount codes based on what you've purchased before, better tailored to your fashion style loves and must haves! A free piece of jewelry in every new order as well as every order over $100.00.  More colors and patterns, because I promised over 5678038383057 times that my 2016 summer collection would be the brightest around! You guys ask, and I listen! 

      I love to hear from you guys, so email or call with ANY AND ALL questions. 









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